Welcome to the Hunger Games read-along! Beginning July 1st, 2010, we will be reading and chatting about one chapter a day of both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins in anticipation of the release of Mockingjay on August 24th.

In the unlikely event that this is your first read of these amazing books, welcome! And more importantly, beware of spoilers! There will be spoilers.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


GO!  And don't read any comments if you don't want spoilers!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Guys, here is where we get to have the fun!  Let's make some predictions of what will happen in Mockingjay.  I'll go first:

Peeta will be an Avox.  As the voice of the rebellion, the Capitol will silence him.  The Capitol will use him to wait on future tributes as a symbol of their ridiculous control.

Cinna will be an Avox.  He's been an underground leader of the resistance all along, and he knows a lot of people.  What the Capitol doesn't understand is that his voice is in his art.  (Also, he just can't be dead!)

Gale will die sacrificing himself to save Peeta.  That will kill me.  But Katniss will marry her Avox love and I'll pine.

Bloodbreath Snow will be revealed to be a muttation.

Cesar Flickerman will choose black for his new hair, eye and lip colors and archery will be all the rage in the new Capitol/Districts hybrid that will be known as District Freedom.  I'll gag.

Will there be chapters from Peeta's POV?  He's in the Capitol with Enobaria and Johanna.  I hope not!

Katniss will feel used, and flee into the woods with Gale after all.  But then she'll see that they need her (but how, really?) and she'll go back and take out the muttation Snow herself.  Faces on banners and all that.

District 4 will be the first to thrive when districters can vacation.


Catching Fire Chapter 27!!!

In which an arrow through one chink in the armor does a LOT of damage.  Didn't Katniss see several of these?  That wire must really be something.  And even now, Katniss is missing the point.

Much like at the end of the previous games, Katniss is in a hovercraft, being treated medically, and she's resisting it.  And again, she's thinking of killing Peeta out of mercy.  Beetee, too.  Would anyone still be alive if Katniss saved them all by putting them out of her misery?

"Communications are down in Seven, Ten, and Twelve.  But Eleven has control of transportation now, so there's at least a hope of them getting some food out."

Did you infer that Finnick threatens to kill himself to save Annie?  He's sweet.  I wonder what that story is.

Haymitch lays it all out for us. Or, rather, we hear what Haymitch had to say in an abbreviated Katniss version.  The first time I read this I was annoyed.  I wish we could have seen some of this play out.  And to have it all crammed in at the very end.  Pshh.

Plutarch!  Heavensbee indeed.  Yay!   Full scale rebellion!  But Katniss feels that she was "just a piece" which she totally was.  A pawn.  How do you think this might affect how she behaves in Mockingjay?

Why would Plutarch tip Katniss off about the arena if he didn't know she was going in?  She'd be a mentor, obviously.  Do you think his idea went beyond that?

Peeta never mattered!  How will Katniss feel about him later because of this?  Will Gale be all "I knew he was nothing.  I'm the REAL rebel!"  *swoon*

Johanna is alive (YAY!), meaning Chaff and Brutus didn't make it.

How long are they in this gol-danged hovercraft?  I mean, it took them a half hour to get from the Capitol to the first arena.  Madam Secretary, how long did it take them to get to the second one?  Katniss has been drugged, awake, and drugged again for what must be three days.  And they're going to like, Ohio from Padre Island.  Are they DRIVING the hovercraft?

BUT YAY GALE!  Prim and Mom have survived, but District 12 has not. How did Gale get aboard the 'craft?  Did they stop and pick him up?  Were they keeping him under wraps for a while? 

I'm busting out the gold eyeliner for tomorrow's midnight release party, and here come some predictions!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Catching Fire Chapter 26

Dang, y'all!  We are SO close!  Two more chapters and then we'll know all. Tomorrow will have two posts, one for questions, and one for predictions.  So gear up!

Eep!  No dead tributes on day three!  How can this be?  Madam Secretary, I need you.  Who was chopped up into bits?

Beetee's plan is put to work:  but the golden wire snaps up, snaring the girls!  Worse!  Johanna whacks Katniss in the head with the spool, then knifes her in the arm!  WTF!?  Brutus declares her "as good as dead" but he don't know our girl too good.  (The Capitol crowd must be beside themselves when her eyes flick open!)  Katniss hurls again (Madam Secretary, are you keeping track?  It seems like she barfs a LOT).

Peeta is Katniss's dying wish.  Sigh.  I give up.  I love Gale, so I guess this  means he's MINE.  Someone dies, Finnick's net Beetee's wire catches Katniss, Beetee is cut!  And has a knife wrapped in wire!  Here's where I hate the Capitol for their edumacational disparities, and Katniss's un-excitedness to excel at electronics.

Finnick and Enobaria of the Razor Teeth reach the tree at the same time.  Why isn't she trying to kill him?  So, with two people dead, Beetee on his way out, lightning about to strike, Katniss FINALLY thinks about Haymitch and his advice to remember who the enemy is.  At last, she thinks to shoot the wavery part in the FF.  Then she (almost) dies.  Atta girl.

What was Beetee attempting?  Did he accomplish it?

WHY IS KATNISS SO THICK?  Why do you think Katniss's default is to play by the rules, even now?  Why suspect everyone to be an enemy?  Why not think of Haymitch's advice earlier?  Will the next chapter be Katniss from beyond the grave?

Who are the two dead people?  Where's Chaff?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Catching Fire Chapter 25

Oy to the vey, everyone.  Have I had some computer nonsense today!  Anyway, I'm in, under the wire, but here we go!  Thanks for not complaining.  

SO!  Katniss wakes up thinking "delicious" thoughts of Peeta.  (GaleGaleGale.) She agrees to remain allied until the Careers are dead.  Beetee's awesome plan is laid out, and everyone agrees to it.  (I never thought of that tree being hit by lightning again and again not being burned...I should have after all the lightning struck trees I saw on my tour of District 12.  Do you think it can be tapped for water?)  So it's Beetee, Finnick, Johanna, Peets and Katniss against the world.  Er, Enobaria and Brutus.

Beetee is the teacher/leader, and everyone else naps and goofs off.  Peeta finds a pearl and had a good joke at Effie's expense (imagine how well her scarlet blush would go with her gold wig!)  Katniss is still sure she'll die in the arena.

So, at this point, what did you make of the factory rolls arriving again and again?  I just thought that the electronics district wasn't very creative, especially since they had so much food already. 

Does Beetee's plan make sense?  Do you think it's a lot of work just to take out the careers?  PK9, how far to the force field from the water is it?  They make it seem like miles, but in my head, it's max 1 mile.  Still, a mile of wire is a LOT of wire.

How do you feel about the locket?  Where do you think Peeta got it/the pics?  I guess this should have been yesterday's question.  What does he mean by "I guess the locket didn't work"?

So two chapters left.  How will the gang get out of it this time?  Zoinks!

Guys, many apologies for being so super late today.  Forgives!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Catching Fire Chapter 24

Mmmkay.  Katniss and Finnick ride out the jabberjays through some sort of field-that-isn't-force.  Avid blog-reader Sarah was right way back when she says that Annie Cresta is the one Mags volunteered for.  Great work, Madam Secretary.  Beetee gets bread, 24 rolls.  Odd?  We'll see.  Johanna makes a joke, Katniss laughs, and now they are friends whether Katniss likes it or not (she doesn't).

Peeta and Katniss get all wocka wocka, and he tries to convince her that she should live and not him.  Does that mean Peeta will die?  That he's trying to build her up just to let her down?  Gale and Prim and everyone are worth more than Peeta's mean ol' mom.  (True.)

To D, if you're reading this:  moreGalemoreGalemoreGaleGaleGaleGale.  And if Cinna's dead, watch your back.  You have 4 days to make it right.

Katniss is learning to understand Peeta's signals (ie, baby=fakey), but she still thinks about making Gale babies.  Those babies are hot.  Not stocky and ashy with frosting fingers.

Extra special bonus! This one goes out to Katniss and Peeta.  Also, just stop the vid after the song...it goes on for like 4 more minutes.  NO, WAIT, DON'T!   Skip to 5:33!!!  DO IT!  Then stop.

The Real Hunger Games Experience

Special Extra Bonus!  This article from Popular Mechanics made me think...how long could I survive in District 12 or the arena after attending Wilderness School?  Not long, surely.