Welcome to the Hunger Games read-along! Beginning July 1st, 2010, we will be reading and chatting about one chapter a day of both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins in anticipation of the release of Mockingjay on August 24th.

In the unlikely event that this is your first read of these amazing books, welcome! And more importantly, beware of spoilers! There will be spoilers.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Catching Fire Chapter 22

In which (this is a HUGE chapter!) Peeta talks of painting with Ms. Morphling, kind of like Bob Ross does.  Happy little clouds.  I wonder where Peeta might have seen sunlight on white fur.  When he talks about figuring out a rainbow, I think of Monet, and his struggles (and successes) in figuring out how to capture the absolutely momentariness of light.  Where do you think Peeta learned to be so sensitive to colors?  His awesome mom?

Haymitch wins again by answering Katniss's call for unguent immediately, but he's not the only funny one.  She thinks, "be friends with Finnick.  You'll get food."  (Guys, if you ever find anyone you communicate as easily as Katniss does with Haymitch, put them in your inner circle immediately or marry them.  I'm serious.)  But it's Finnick's food.  Do you think it's actually a message from his sponsors meaning be friends with Katniss, you'll get food

Directly across is a tidal wave and now everyone is jumpsuit free.  Woot!  Naked Finnick and presumably naked Johanna are reunited.  Johanna reveals that the rain is sticky, hot, thick, horrible blood.  SUPER EW.

Okay, questions:  How do you think the other morphling from 6 died?  Obvs someone killed him, but do you think it was someone (a victor/tribute) against the rebellion who recognized something fishy?  Pure speculation, but whatevs.

So, Johanna found Betee and Wiress on purpose as per Haymitch's instructions for allying with Katniss.  What does she know?  How does she know it?  Does she reveal too much/what the hell does she mean when she says, "Who do you think got them out of that bleeding jungle [Jesus, God.  How disgusting can the Capitol go?] for you?" Why does she want these allies? 

How do you feel about Katniss the Healer?  Please give your thoughts about how this ties her to her own family, and the things she might be overlooking herself about herself.

Tick tock, y'all.  Anyone else annoyed by Wiress?

Where were Finnick and Johanna?  Remember in Chapter 18 when they try to get in the elevator with them?  How do you think this relates?  Or do you think Johanna wants to be a star-crossed lover in the arena, too?

How do you feel about Haymitch going against Katniss's wishes to make allies with Johanna?  Because I effing LOVE IT.  I want to be frank about all of this:  the first two times I read this, I hated Johanna.  Now, I adore  her.  She's frank, and bold, and fearless.  She's trying to befriend Katniss by being all "insider"-y, which isn't necessarily the right way to Katniss's heart.  Still, she's doing everything she can!

Guys, Katniss is the second one to get it!  It's a huge relief to me when figures out the clock.  Are you as excited as I am?  Yay, hooray!


  1. Written immediately after reading chapter 22 last week:

    Aw, Peeta has his “Rue” moment.

    So now we have an alliance of six. And blood rain? Ew.

    How are Finnick and Johanna so chummy?

    Aaack! It’s a clock! Now I’m going to have to draw an arena diagram to keep track of everything along with my scorecard! Wiress is smart! And now I wonder what the significance of what Plutarch Heavensbee said about “it starts at midnight” and showing her the watch.


    Responses to questions:

    I don't know if any of the tributes are against the rebellion per say. But like Finnick said, once the Games start all of that hand-holding unity stuff goes out the window. If someone didn't have an alliance with BD6, they'd try to kill each other.

    I don't think she reveals anything that couldn't be explained by what she said to Katniss: "Haymitch said if we were to be allies I had to bring him to you." It's already known that over half the tributes wanted to ally with Katniss because of her superpower. I'd rather those arrows be pointed at opponents rather than me, too.

    I'm not buying the Katniss-is-a-healer theory. What she does for Beetee is not out of the ordinary in a Games. It's hard to put any weight on anything complimentary that comes out of Peeta's mouth because he worships the ground K walks on.

    The elevator thing might simply be that Johanna and Finnick wanted to negotiate an alliance.

    I love Johanna. She was scary at first, but starting about when I read chapter 23 for the first time I started to like her. I've written some of my reasons in my chapter 23 reaction, so I'll save that for tomorrow.

    Anyone wanna see my arena map?

  2. PS shouldn't the scoreboard on the right say (xmonkey) or (xself/monkey) next to GD6?

  3. Yes, WHAT a graphic chapter with the blood rain--which can't be anything like chocolate rain--nudity, undergarments, and then the finger-painted blood star on Peeta's chest. Wondering what this one's going to look like on the big screen. Trying to decide who I want to play Finnick. And while we're on the subject of actors, I just realized I'd like Clive Owen as Haymitch. What do you think?

    Now about Finnick and Johanna, yes, I think their trying to get into the elevator with K&P was so they might start talking about being allies OR SOMETHING. I'm sure they intended to protect K&P all along, because Finn & Jo are committed to the rebellion. It's not about their personal feelings for K&P (so Johanna's allowed to want to slap K) it's about the bigger picture. Finnick even let "half of his family" die for the sake of keeping K&P alive for the rebellion! And Johanna's just the sassy, tough loving sort--she made me guffaw, and I liked her from the start. But then I've always wanted a big sister. When I marry Ben I'll have TWO!

  4. I've mused some on the cast, but the only conclusion I've come to is that Stephen Fry must play Caesar Flickerman.

  5. Excellent choice, PK9. Sarah, I'm not so into Clive Owen for Haymitch. I can't see him falling around, drunken and silly. If he fell off a stage, would the reaction be laughter?